Preteens/Teens Performance Program has been designed to take the next step into taking your dance a little more serious with a higher expectation in technique and challenging choreography. Students will experience Commercial Jazz,HipHop and Ballet. The challenge is to think on their feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Ballet foundation is beautiful and a demanding technique is a necessity for all young, aspiring dancers. In our Hip Hop class dancers will develop focus, strength, and agility. Commercial Jazz style which is similar to dances seen on commercial video clips with an emphasis on proper technique and movement. Classes are excellent for high-energy students who want to take a fast paced class while having fun and keeping fit.

Your Instructors are:

Mr Ben - HipHop

Miss Maddy - Comercial Jazz

Miss Teya - Ballet

Preteen/Teen Performance Program. Enrol now and have the freedom to cancel anytime


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